Dog Boarding Rules

  • Food bagged in plastic zip lock bags with my dogs name and feeding amount clearly written on the bag (*please send the amount of food your dog will eat during their stay. We recommend sending a little extra to accommodate for the more rigorous activity they will experience at Run!. Run! does not return food, medication supplies, etc)
  • Medication must be in plastic child proof containers. Please only send the amount that will be used during the stay. Be sure that all administration instructions are clearly and correctly marked on the label)
  • Properly fitted martingale collar
  • A leash for pick up and drop off(applying to dogs meeting the van at a designated meeting location. *All dogs MUST be leashed by you, going to and from the Run! vehicle. Run! will NOT take your leash. We use our own once we have you dog on board our shuttle)
** Run! does not accept beds, blankets, cups, bowls, containers, food bowls, food containers, glass containers, leashes, toys, etc. We have all the comforts of home already at the Bunkhouse.