Dog Day Camp Rules

Shuttle Service To A Designated Meeting Location/Time:

If you do not arrive to pick up or drop off your dog at the designated shuttle meeting time/location as scheduled, an additional charge of $20 for every 10-minutes the Run! shuttle is waiting will be charged to you. This fee will be assessed starting five minutes after your meeting time, and will be assessed every five minutes thereafter. The Run! shuttle is entitled to leave the meeting location after a 10 minute wait. You will be charged for the full day of service, and any additional transportation, late fees, and overnight lodging fees deemed necessary by Run!

Clean-Up Fee:
If your dog creates a mess in any of the Run! vehicles (poop, pee, vomit, or otherwise), Run! reserves the right to charge a $30 per occurrence van clean-up fee.

Collar and Leash Policy:
All dogs being picked up by Run! must be wearing a properly fitting Martingale-style collar, with an identification tag. If your dog is not wearing a properly fitting collar, then we may provide the dog with a collar of our choosing at your expense. Run! also requires all dog(s) to be on a leash for pick up, and drop off. Run! will provide its own leashes used by our handlers. You are required to provide your own leash while handing your dog over to a Run! handler at pick up and drop off times. Similarly during drop off, all dog(s) are to be on leash while in transit from the Run! van to your house, office or vehicle. This is for the safety of your dog, our employees, and third parties. For similar reasons, only Run! employees are allowed onboard the Run! vehicles.