Frequently Asked Questions



What are the Day Camp requirements?

  • All scheduling requests for Day Camp and Boarding must be submitted using our online system.
  • Any inquiries made using our online system are only a request.
  • Run! must contact you by email to confirm your request before the appointment is finalized.
  • If you do not hear from Run! within 24 hours please resubmit (don’t forget to check your spam folder).
  • Please review all dog Day Camp and Boarding requirements on the FAQ Page prior to submitting a request.
  • We do not accept any beds, blankets, food bowls, food containers, glass containers, leashes or toys from home, as we are fully equipped.

What are the Bunkhouse requirements?

  • Please package your dogs food in a sealable, plastic zip lock bag with your dog’s name on the bag as well as per meal feeding amounts in measuring cup measurements.(For example, 1 C am 1 1/2 C pm. painters tape works great!)
  • A proper fitting martingale collar with your contact info on the collar or a tag on the collar.
  • A monthly heartworm, flea and tick preventative.
  • Ova and parasite fecal test lab results, run within 6 months of submitting the application (run yearly thereafter).
  • Up to date required vaccines: DHPP, Rabies, Bordatella and CIV
  • All dogs be spayed/neutered by the age of 12 months
  • The Lepto vaccine is highly recommended
  • Our Bunkhouse is fully equipped with couches,cots, beds, and blankets. Please do not send beds, blankets, or toys from home.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

We require a 24-hr cancelation notice for Day Camp reservations. cancellations must be submitted through our online scheduling system. Cancellations inside the 24-hour policy will result in a full Camp charge.

Bunkhouse reservations during peak holiday times require at minimum, a full weeks cancellation notice, submitted through our online scheduling system to be refunded. Cancellations made inside the week prior, will result in full charge of the reservation duration.

For a full refund on non-peak holiday Bunkhouse reservations, a minimum of 72-hour cancellation notice must submitted through our online scheduling system. Reservations cancelled inside the minimum 72-hour notice and are subject to full charge of the duration of the reservation.

What are the peak Bunkhouse dates for 2024?

New Years holiday (Dec 31-Jan 1), President's Day holiday (Feb 16-19), Spring Break-Easter holiday(March 18-April 2), Memorial Day holiday (May 24-27), Summer break (June 7-Sept 2), Thanksgiving holiday (Nov 15-Dec 2), Christmas holiday (Dec 15-30)

Do you allow visitors?

We love hosting visitors at our beautiful Run! property in Vernonia. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your dog! If you’d like to visit, please email or call ahead to schedule a weekday morning appointment. We do kindly request emailed proof of all required health and vaccine documentation or our completed application form ahead of visiting.

I have questions about

The Dogs

Do the dogs all get along?

Yes! Socialization within the pack is a big part of the Run! experience. Our highly skilled handlers are always present and actively supervising. Should a dog present any behavior that is a risk to themselves or others, we will reach out with a referral to a suggested trainer, while putting their attendance on hold untli that behavior has been adequately addressed and corrected. We do not accept aggressive dogs. We welcome your questions or concerns about your dogs behavior and if they would be a good fit. Please reach out. We would love to learn more about your dog.

Do dogs ever run away?

Our 18-acre forested adventure park is fully fenced. Our perimeter fences are 6 feet high for added security. Additionally, dogs are pack animals. This means that generally speaking, their natural instinct is to stay together. Some dogs prefer to explore away from the main group, but they naturally check back in with our handlers for some love and affection throughout each day. If your dog is an escape artist or has a history of digging under or climbing over fences, we will want to know some additional information.

Do you accept all breeds?

Our commercial insurance policy does enforce breed restrictions. We are not allowed to accept pure-bred Bully breeds, Rottweilers, Malamutes. We are allowed to accept mixed breeds, however. This restriction is not a reflection of our personal opinions of these breeds. We love all dogs at Run!

I have questions about

My Dog

How many times a day will my dog eat?

Lodging dogs are served meals twice daily at minimum. If special feeding is requested, we are happy to accommodate. Our kitchen is equipped to store, prepare and manage all types of foods-raw, dehydrated, fresh home-cooked and canned. We are happy to handle medications and supplements at no additional cost. If your dog has special needs, please reach out to let us know.

Will my dog stay hydrated?

Yes! Dogs always have access to fresh water at all times. We have designated fresh water stations around the property. The property also has seasonal fresh water creeks. In warmer months, we set up pools for additional fun and cooling.

Does my dog return home clean?

Yes! At the end of each day, we provide a warm water rinse and towel dry. Dogs return home clean, happy and of course, tired.

Will my dog get cold?

Our program is based on movement and activity. Hiking, running, and playing keeps body temperatures warm and comfortable. our forested property offers respite from rain under the tree canopy .

Our custom shuttles are climate-controlled, ensuring a comfortable ride. We are happy to accommodate jackets, should you wish to send one on cooler days.

What does my dog do all day?

At Run! dogs get to be dogs. What do dogs love most? Running, playing, digging, rolling, and getting dirty in nature. Our Day Camp program, offers just that! Dogs thrive in our beautiful Camp Grounds, consisting of 18 acres of forested, fenced property. Our skilled handlers are always present to provide unlimited love, hugs and positive reinforcement, while monitoring behavior and interactions.

Some dogs prefer taking a break mid-day in our temperature controlled Bunkhouse building. We are happy to accommodate shorter days and rest periods for those looking for less activity or enjoy some quiet time to rest.We have dogs of all energy levels and sizes. We specialize in finding the right mix of play and rest, catering to each dogs needs. We are happy to work with you to customize a speciality care plan to ensure your dog is enjoying the best experience.

At the end of each day, each dog receives a warm water rinse and towel dry. Dogs return home each day, happy, tired and clean.

What does my dog do all night?

Spending the day in nature, enjoying fresh air, great company and activities, makes for a relaxingevening in our temperature controlled Bunkhouse space. Our lodgers love their active days, which makes for restful nights. At the end of Day Camp, our boarding dogs have the option of participating in several jaunts back to the Camp Grounds for more fun throughout the later afternoon and into the evening.

Our temperature-controlled Bunkhouse is designed to provide comfort and relaxation. Couches, cots, blankets and dog beds promote calm and restful rejuvenation. Dogs are happy to rest and unwind, after releasing their energy during the day. Relaxing music is played as background noise to aid comfort and rest.

Meals are fed twice daily at minimum. All dogs are fed separately to ensure safety . We closely monitor each dog, ensuring they eat their specific measured food from home. For dogs that come with medications and supplements, we carefully note those are consumed as prescribed.

The final outing in the evening occurs late evening. By that time, everyone is looking forward to a good nights sleep.

i have questions about

Camp Grounds

Are there cars nearby?

No. Our driveway is gated and all areas of our Camp Grounds are fenced. Additionally, there is a secondary fence around the entire property.

Where will my dog sleep?

Our temperature-controlled Bunkhouse includes the comforts of a living room. This includes couches, love seats, dog beds, cozy blankets and cots for everyone’s comfort. Soft music plays in the background for added relaxation. We do offer crate options, as needed or requested.

Is the Bunkhouse heated?

Yes we keep it at a comfortable 70 degrees.